Precision Crossed Roller Bearing

Precision Crossed Roller Bearing

Precision Crossed Roller Bearing
1.light weight,compact type with thinnest possible inner and outer rings 2.high rigidity

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Structure And Characters

1 Cross roller bearing special design with a 90°V groove.

2 receive loads in all directions including radial, axial and moment load.

3 light weight, compact type with thinnest possible inner and outer rings

4 with high rigidity



manipulators.precision rotary tables,medical equipment, measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines.        


Types&features As follow:

①RA series Crossed Roller Bearing 

RA series is a kind of  separable outer ring ,inner ring rotation,small size and light weight cross roller bearing.


RA series:

RA5008  RA6008  RA7008  RA8008  RA9008  RA10008  RA11008  RA12008  RA13008  RA14008  RA15008  RA16013   RA17013   RA18013   RA19013   RA20013


②RB Series Crossed Roller Bearing

Separable outer ring for inner ring rotation with thinnest  inner and outer rings

Therefore,The rotational accuracy of the inner ring is Considered. 

RB series:

RB2008   RB2508   RB3010   RB3510   RB4010  RB4510  RB5013  RB6013 RB7013 RB8016  RB9016  RB10016 RB10020 RB11012 RB11015  RB11020 RB12016 RB12025RB13015 RB13025 RB14016 RB14025 RB15013 RB15025 RB15030 RB16025  RB17020*RB18025  RB19025  RB20025 RB20030  RB20035  RB22025  RB24025  RB25025   RB25030*RB25040  RB30025  RB30035 RB30040 RB35020 RB4003RB40040   RB45025   RB50025  RB50040   RB50050   RB60040  RB70045  RB80070 RB90070   RB1000110  RB1250110


③CRBH series crossed roller bearing 

Separable outer ring ,inner ring rotation,with thinnest possible inner and outer rings.  rotational accuracy of the inner ring should be considered.


CRBH series




④CRB&CRBC Series Crossed Roller Bearing with thinnest possible inner and outer rings,separable outer ring for inner ring rotation,rotational accuracy of the inner ring is required.

Series Model No.:

CRB4010 CRB4510 CRB5013 CRB6013 RB7013 CRB8016 CRB9016 CRB10016 CRB10020 CRB11012 CRB11015

CRB11020 CRB12016 CRB12025 CRB13015 CRB13025 CRB14016 CRB14025 CRB15013 CRB15025 CRB15030

CRB16025 CRB17020 CRB18025 CRB19025 CRB20025 CRB20030 CRB20035 CRB22025 CRB24025 CRB25025

CRB25030 CRB25040 CRB30025 CRB30035 CRB30040 CRB35020 CRB40035 CRB40040 CRB40070 CRB45025

CRB50025 CRB50040 CRB50050 CRB50070 CRB60040 CRB60070 CRB600120 CRB70045 CRB70070 CRB700150

CRB80070 CRB800100

CRBC4010 CRBC4510 CRBC5013 CRBC6013 CRBC8016 CRBC9016 CRBC10020 CRBC11020 CRBC11020 CRBC12025

CRBC13025 CRBC14025 CRBC15025 CRBC15030 CRBC20025 CRBC20030 CRBC20035 CRBC25025 CRBC25030

CRBC25040 CRBC30025 CRBC30035 CRBC30040 CRBC40035 CRBC40040 CRBC40070 CRBC50040 CRBC50050

CRBC50070 CRBC60040 CRBC60070 CRBC600120 CRBC70045 CRBC70070 CRBC700150 CRBC80070 CRBC800100


⑤RE Series Crossed Roller Bearing 

Separable inner ring , outer ring rotation. RE is developed on the design of RB series. The inner ring is separable while outer ring is integrated with the mail body.

RE series:

RE2008   RE2508   RE3010   RE3510   RE4010  RE4510  RE5013   RE6013  RE7013RE8016   RE9016   RE10016    RE10020   RE11012   RE11015   RE11020  RE12016 RE12025RE13015   RE13025 RE14016  RE14025  RE15013  RE15025   RE15030   RE16025  RE1702*RE18025  RE19025 RE20025 RE20030 RE20035  RE22025 RE24025   RE25025   RE25030RE25040 RE30025 RE30035 RE30040 RE35020 RE35025   RE40035  RE40040   RE45025   RE50025  RE50040  RE50050  RE60040  RE70045   RE80070   RE90070   RE1000110   RE1250110


⑥RC Series Crossed roller bearing 

RC series cylindrical cross roller bearing is similar to RB series,separable outer ring ,inner ring rotation,


⑦.RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU does not require a presser flange of housing. Rotation & outer ring rotation,The model can be used for both inner ring.

RU series:

RU42  RU66  RU85  RU124  RU148  RU178  RU124X  RU148X  RU178XRU124G  RU148G  RU178G  RU228  RU297  RU445  RU228X  RU297X RU445X  RU228G  RU297G RU445G


8.XR Series Crossed Taper Roller Bearing

The structure of the XR series taper cross roller bearings is similar to CRE,RB series cylindrical cross roller

bearing in . XR series has two separable  inner outer  rings.


9.XSU Series Crossed Roller Bearing
Series Model No.:XSU080168,XSU080188,XSU080218,XSU080258,XSU080318,XSU080398,XSU140414,XSU140544,XSU140644,XSU140744,XSU140844,XSU140944


10. SX Series Cross Roller Bearing

RA series:

RA5008  RA6008  RA7008  RA8008  RA9008  RA10008  RA11008  RA12008  RA13008 RA14008  RA15008  RA16013   RA17013   RA18013   RA19013   RA20013

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