Ball Mill Ring Gear

Ball Mill Ring Gear

Ball Mill Ring Gear Material:Stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloy, high chrome, ?cast iron, bronze, ductile iron, brass,etc.

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Product Details


Ball Mill Ring Gear is usually adopted 45 steel, but according to the GB/T699-1999 standard, the tensile strength of C45 steel is 600MPa, the yield strength is 355MPa, the elongation is 16%, the section shrinkage is 40%, and the impact work is 39J. According to the 45 steel of GB/T699-1999 standard, the heat treatment system can be recommended for normalizing at 850 C, quenching at 840 C, and tempering at 600 C, and the yield strength is more than 355MPa. The hardness of No. 45 steel quenched and tempered is less than HRC28, which is soft and non abrasion resistant. After quenching, the hardness is greater than HRC55 and wear resistance is better. It is mostly equipped with large equipment such as dryer gear ring and ball mill  ring gear.



Stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium  alloy, high chrome, cast iron, bronze, ductile iron, brass,etc.

Model Type

according to request




Lathing, milling, grinding, drilling

Heat treatment

Quenched and Tempered Hardness:  170-217HBS.

Diameterof Gear ring with holes

According to drawing


Max weight is up to 10t/pc

Torque Capacity

According to drawings

Chemical Control


Defect Control


Operating Temperature

-25°C to +60°C


Grinding: 0.001mm; EDM: 0.002mm



Packaging Details

Package adapting to ocean transport

Delivery Time

30 - 90 days



The end face of  the Ball Mill Ring Gear and the end face of the hollow shaft flange must not be more than 0.15 millimeter while the ball mill gear and the cylinder are assembled,  The radial runout of the top circle of the large gear shall not exceed 0.86 mm after the assembly of the large gear, and the base face runout shall not exceed 1.2 mm. The tooth side clearance of the size gear assembly should be 0.53-1.4 millimeter and two tooth. The contact area of the wheel shall not be less than 45% of the tooth height and 60% of the tooth width.


Ball Mill Ring Gear is used in ball mill machine, rotary kiln , drum dryer, drum coating machine, grinding machine, sand washing machine, recreational equipment, oil refining equipment and other large-scale transmission machinery.


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