Herringbone Gear Drive

Herringbone Gear Drive

Herringbone Gear Drive Teeth Profile:Spur,Helical,Herringbone,Crown,Spiral,Worm and shaft

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Product Details

Herringbone gears conduct power and motion between non-intersecting and parallel axis,each center might or might not has center groove,and each group consist of  two opposite helices.The two helix angle come together in the center,and the shape of herringbone gear is similar as the letter 'V'.


The torque of the main motor or the motor group is transferred to the roller by the use of the herringbone gear frame.The character of the character gear drive is stable,and the axial force of the two helical gears is offset by the left and right spiral gears.




Machining Scope



OD Max 16m

One Piece of Gear:    OD Max 13m

Assemble Gear:    According to drawings

Hobbing Modulus


Milling Modulus

Up to 120

Spiral Modulus


Teeth Profile

Spur,Helical,Herringbone,Crown,Spiral,Worm    and shaft

Accuracy Grade

Milling: 6 grade

Hobbing: 8 grade


Alloy steel:    42CrMo4, 34CrNiMo6 etc.

Carbon steel: C45E,    1030

Carburizing steel

Heat treatment

Quenched and    tempered steel



Forging ----Rough ------Heat treatment -----Finish------- milling--- chamfers---- burr removal--surface hardening-------inspection



Package: according to clients request .

Delivery time: normally 30days—90days,according to order quantity.



Herringbone Gear Drive is widely used in chemical industries,cooling towers,material handling system,cement plant,steel plant, sugar mills,machine tools,textile processing.


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