Segment Gear Rack

Segment Gear Rack

Segment Gear Rack
Heat Treatment High frequency,Quenching/Carburization,improve the hardness
Precision Grade According to request

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Gear and rack are very important transmission parts.Sophia Segment Gear Rack is widely used in machinery, aviation, instrumentation and other industries. Compared with other mechanical transmission forms, such as belt, chain, friction and hydraulic, the gear transmission has the characteristics of high transmission precision, high efficiency, smooth transmission, high bearing capacity, high power range, good reliability, compact structure, low cost and long service life. Therefore, it is widely used and becomes an indispensable transmission part for most mechanical products. Because rack and gear are the important basic parts of mechanical products, their quality, performance and life directly affect the technical and economic indexes of the whole machine.

Processing Method Classification

The main cutting methods widely used at home and abroad are traditional cutting methods such as rolling, inserting, shaving and grinding. The gear processing method can be divided into forming method and Fan Cheng fa principle. The most commonly used methods in industry are fan shaping,mainly gear shaping and hobbing. They are machined according to the principle of gear engagement.



Material Standard


Heat Treatment

Annealing.Normalizing.Q&T.Induction Hardening

Material  Processing


Surface Treatment

Zinc-plated,Nickle-plated,Chrome-plated,Black  oxide.etc.

Machining Tolerance


Machining Roughness

Max.Ra 0.4

Module of Gear


Accuracy of Teeth

Max.ISO Grade 6


80kgs - 50 000kgs


1.Chemical Compositions Test

2.Mechanical Properties Test (Tensile Strength, Yield Strength,  Elongation,Reduction of Area, Impact Value, Hardness)

3.Non Destructive Test (UT, MT, PT, RT)

4.Dimensional Checking




ISO 9001


Product Advantages

1High precision

2Large Module,large size


Sophia Segment Gear Rack is widely used in Mining,Chemical, Oil Drilling, Steel Mill,Cement, Construction, Sugar Mill and Power Plant


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