Segmented Girth Gear

Segmented Girth Gear

Segmented Girth Gear Process:
Forging steel ------- Forging rough?inspection------ ?quenching and tempering----Machining---------Hobbing------Drilling------Quenching ------ high-temperature tempering ----UT ------Inspection-----package

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Rotary kiln is a common equipment for calcining all kinds of materials. The diameter and weight of the big Segmented Girth Gear is very large.Segmented Girth Gear is usually made up of two half or four pieces. it mainly introduces the two half stitching methods of rotary kiln.


1. Clean the joint surface of the half gear ring and stagger the position of the gear rim connecting rod and the longitudinal weld on the cylinder body.

2. Install ten mounting tools at ten equal points of the center line of the upper ring of the barrel. The spot welding is fixed on the block, as shown in Figure 1. Then the wheel gear  is hoisted, and the two half ring segment ring gear are firmly connected according to the requirements of the drawings. The interface is connected to the whole with the positioning axis and the hot loading bolt, and the gap is checked with the tape gauge.


3.using  installation tool  of the radial and axial adjustment bolts to fix the bolt and adjust the Tooth gear ring, check the distance between the tooth ring and the horizontal center line of the reference ring (the tail end of the kiln), adjust the deviation not more than 1.5mm, and make the outer ring of the ring gear equal to the distance of the simplified body, and the center of the big gear ring should coincide with the center of the cylinder.

4.Turn the simplified, check the radial runout of the ring and the end of the runout, after adjustment, the radial runout is not more than 1.5mm, the end of the runout is not more than 1mm.

5. After adjusting it properly, the gear link is fixed on the kiln body. 8 of the 12 connecting rods are pre-installed, and the corresponding connecting seats are welded to the cylinder body.

6.Adjusting the radial and axial bolts on the installation tools, and then check whether the radial and end runout of the gear ring conform to the requirements mentioned above, should be re adjusted to meet the requirements if not.



Forging steel ------- Forging rough inspection------  quenching and tempering----Machining---------Hobbing------Drilling------Quenching ------ high-temperature tempering ----UT ------Inspection-----package


Large size girth gear is mainly used in mining industry, cement industry, metallurgical industry, construction materials industry, nonferrous industry, chemical industry, port industry, etc.


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