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Difference between Carbon Steel and High Alloy Steel
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Luoyang Sophia Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.steel castings adopt carbon steel, manganese steel, high alloy steel and other series of castings. Carbon steel is the most useful and  basical material in modern industry. Sophia Heavy Machinery Interprets the Difference between Carbon Steel and High Alloy Steel


Carbon steel castings

according to the statistics,Carbon steel accounts for about 80% of the total steel output in the world. Carbon steel castings has been widely used in construction, railways, vehicles, ,bridges, ships and various kinds of machinery manufacturing industries, especially in modern petrochemical industry and marine development, etc. Carbon steel is based on iron as the most basic component and contains itself. Ferrocarbon alloys, which contain a small amount of carbon, are called carbon steels, and contain 1.3 percent of the carbon themselves.


Alloy steel castings 

Alloy steel itself in hardness and wear resistance, as well as sudden penetration and corrosion resistance are much higher than carbon steel, so in some mechanical parts processing or application proportion is even wider than carbon steel. The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of carbon steel are generally not very good, but it has other advantages, so it is generally used to cast some structural steel castings, which is not suitable for casting contact parts. Carbon steel is divided into two kinds of castings, one is welding structural carbon steel castings, the other is carbon steel castings used for engineering, and the so-called high-alloy steel castings. Based on carbon steel, some alloying elements are added.