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How to install crossed roller bearings
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Crossed roller bearing Installation Procedure:

1.Please check whether need to deburring after cleaning the housing and other parts

2.it is often misaligned during installation because the cross-roller bearing is a thin-walled bearing type. the product is gradually pushed into the housing or shaft by tapping the product with a plastic hammer.

3.Place the presser flange onto the Crossed Roller bearing .Rock the flange several times to match the bolt holes.

4.Insert the presser bolts into the holes. Manually turn the bolts and make sure they do not display skewing caused by misalignment of the holes.

5.As is shown in the pictures below:Tighten the presser bolts in three to four steps from light to full tightening byrepeatedly securing the bolts in diagonal order.When tightening the separable inner or outer ring, slightly turning the integral outer or inner ring will correct the dislocation between the ring and the body.

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