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Introduction to repairing cracks in large ring gear of rotary kiln
- Dec 20, 2018 -

Introduction to repairing cracks in large ring gear of rotary kiln

The large ring gear used in the rotary kiln usually has a diameter of more than 3 meters. The material is generally ZG42CrMo or ZG45. It is a typical large-scale steel casting. The working environment of the rotary kiln ring gear is bad, and the working time is long, which will cause the large ring gear to be used. The process is prone to cracks and other problems. The casting period of large steel castings is long. When cracks occur in the large ring gear, the repair process can be carried out first to reduce the outage time of the rotary kiln to create benefits for the company.

First, the crack is removed, and the welding groove is u-shaped. The metal is polished by the groove, and then the PT test is performed to confirm that the cracks are all cleaned, and the oil, embroidery, water, etc. within 100 mm around the welding area are cleaned. clean.

Then, the welded electrode was used for welding, and it was checked whether cracks were generated, and the crack was found immediately after the crack treatment, and the next crack treatment was performed without any defect.

Finally, all welded cracks are subjected to penetration and ultrasonic testing.

The repair of the ring gear crack can only be used temporarily. After the crack is found, the new large ring gear should be purchased in time to ensure the normal operation of the rotary kiln. It is specialized in producing large-sized cast steel such as large ring gear, Rotary Kiln Tyre and Kiln Support Rollers. Accessories, welcome to consult purchase.