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What are the parameters of the rack
- Dec 14, 2018 -

What are the parameters of the rack? This article will briefly introduce you to the rack parameters and how to calculate the rack parameters.


The rack specifications are generally distinguished by the modulus. The modulus is generally expressed in m. The common rack specifications are the mold 1.5, the mold 2, the mold 3, the mold 4, the mold 5, the mold 6, and the rack of the mold 8. Rack modulus m=p/π The term value for the rack size in metric units is the pitch circle pitch divided by the pi.


The pitch is represented by P, and p=πm The distance between two adjacent teeth on the reference line is the product of the modulus m multiplied by the pi.


The pressure angle is indicated by A. Generally, the pressure angle of the standard rack is 20°, and the pressure angle is the inclination angle of the rack relative to the normal line of the reference line.


The addendum is indicated by ha, the formula 1*m. Indicates the distance from the baseline to the crest.


The dedendum is expressed by hf and the formula is 1.25*m. Indicates the distance from the baseline to the root.


The tooth height is represented by h and the formula is 2.25*m. Indicates the distance from the crest to the root.


The working height is represented by h*w and the formula is 2*m. Indicates the tooth height that is matched to the gear mesh.


The dedendum circle radius is indicated by C and the formula is 0.25*m. Indicates the distance (gap) between the tooth height to the tip of the mating gear.


The root radius of the root is expressed by pf. The formula is 0.38*m. Indicates the radius of curvature between the tooth surface and dedendum.