Trunnion Roller

Trunnion Roller

The Materialof Trunnion Roller:low alloy steel,Carbon steel,ZG20SiMn,ZG40Cr,ZG42CrMo,ZG34CrNiMo, ZG40Mn,ZG35CrMo,ZG35SiMn,ZG35SiMnMo.

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The Trunnion Roller device bears the weight of the whole rotating part and plays a directional role on the cylinder, and enables the cylinder and roller to rotate smoothly on the supporting wheel. Therefore, the super-strength endurance quality of the supporting wheel is required to be higher, and it is also an index to measure the quality of the rotary kiln products.the Max weight 55t,the material refers to alloy steel,ZG42CrMo,etc. The supporting roller is mainly used in cement,metallurgical ,
construction industry,etc.



Forging/Casting – Normalizing&Tempering – Proof Machining- Quenching & Tempering – Finish Machining

Technical Requirements

(1).After rough machining,excircle surface hardness ≥210HB

(2).After cutting machining,the cutting depth on the work surface≤ 25% of the wall thickness,the total area cutting area ≤ is less than 2% of the working area,but the working area should including the working area of the raw casting is ≤  4% of their total area.the cutting width on the work surface ≤ 10% of the work surface,if met above the condition patch welding is permitted.

(3).it is necessary to preheat before welding and Heat-Treat if after patch welding,the hardness of the patch welding and the base ≤ 20HB  after these process .

(4).It isn’t allowed,but it is allowed patch welding is on the working surface after finishing machining,the scatter defects smaller than Ø8×5 on the working surface,but must be≤ 5 places.Mack up these defects mentioned above before delivering,

(5).the thickness of supporting roller rim and hub should be be≤ 5% of the designing dimension after machining.


Main parameters

QA DOC.: Chemical Composition Report, Mechanical Properties Report, UT Report, Heat Treatment Report, Dimensions Check Report


Customized&OEM: Accept

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