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How To Distinguish Good Bearings From Bad Bearings
- Jan 16, 2019 -

How to distinguish good bearings from bad bearings?

Normally, we just good or bad  bearings according to three steps:

1. Look. Observe the machined surface of the bearing, the surface of the inferior bearing is rough and the chamfer is uneven. High-quality bearing surface processing fine smooth, even chamfer.

2. Turn around. One hand holds the inner ring of the bearing, the other hand rotates the outer ring of the bearing. When the inferior bearing rotates, it can feel the presence of foreign bodies in the bearing groove and the choice is not smooth. High quality bearings rotate smoothly and smoothly without blocking feeling.

3. Listen. When the bearings are running, there is "click" friction sound in the inferior bearings, but there is no high-quality bearings.