Forging Rotor Shaft

Forging Rotor Shaft

Alloy Steel Forging Rotor Shaft Material: carbon steel,alloy steel ,35CrMo,42CrMo,C45#

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Sophia Forging Rotor Shaft comes up from the transmission,and it is the spins the rotor and supports the entire flight loads of the rotor down into the helicopters is also called the “mast” is the vertical shaft on which the rotor head and blades are attached.


Custom &OEM are accepted.We are specialize on manufacture shafts(including rotor shaft, transmission shaft,main shaft, wind power shaft,support roller shaft.etc.)gears(gear rack, wheel gear, gear ringspur gear,helical gear, double helical gear.etc.) bearings, couples,pulleys, sprocket, all kinds of mining spare parts(kiln tyre,end cap,support roller,roller shell,hammer head,etc.), models, welding spare parts,Cylinders.etc.


Main specification:

Material: carbon steel,alloy steel ,35CrMo,42CrMo,C45#,or according to request.

Surface hardening:quenching,polishing,coating,galvanized,electroplating,spraying, painting and so on.

Main Test equipment:digital height gauge,caliper,coordinate measuring machine,roughness tester,hardness tester.etc.

Main Process:Forging→Rough turning→flaw detection→finishing turning→heat treatment→Grinding→Drilling→milling→Anti-rust oil coating→package&shipment.

Main Equipment:5mCNC lathe,CNC bending machine,6mCNC machining center,grinding machine,automatic lathe machine,conventional lathe machine,drilling machine,milling machine,wire-cutting machine.etc.



a.Chemical Compositions Test

b.Mechanical Properties Test  which including Tensile Strength, Elongation, Yield Strength, Impact Value, Reduction of Area, Hardness.

c.Non Destructive Test (UT, PT, RT,MT,)

d.Dimensional Checking



Delivery time:30-90days

Package:seaworthy package


Please inform us if have any problems,thanks!

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