Large Gear Shaft

Large Gear Shaft

Large Gear Shaft,High precision Forging Spur Gear Shaft,step shaft,main shaft,wind turbine shaft

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    Sophia heavy machinery has been succeeding in manufacturing of large nonstandard machinery& mining spare parts according to drawings over 25years.Sophia shaft products refer to main shaft,drive shaft,support roller shaft,rotor shaft,spline shaft,gear shaft,roller shaft,propeller shaft,passive shaft,wind power shaft,and so on.  



forged+ heat treatment+ rough machining+finish machining

Large Gear Shaft Main specification

Material:Alloy steel ,Carbon  steel,or according to request.

Material Standard:ASTM,ISO, BS,  API, EN,ASME,DIN,JIS,

Heat treatment:Annealing, Normalizing, Quenching &  Tempering, Surface hardening

Gear Module:8-110

Machining tolerance:Max.0.01mm

Gear shaft length:Max.5000mm

Shaft diameter:Max.2200mm

Surface Roughness:Max.Ra0.4


Arrangement of Heat Treatment Processes

Normalizing treatment is usually arranged first after forging of axle blank to eliminate internal stress in forging, refine grain size and improve cutting performance during machining.Heat treatment processes should be arranged to ensure the mechanical properties and processing accuracy requirements of gear shafts, and improve the workpiece processing performance In the whole process of axle After rough processing, conditioning heating treatment is arranged. In the rough processing stage, after rough turning, drilling and other processes, most of the processing allowance of gear shaft is removed. The cutting force and heat are very large in rough machining process. Under the action of force and heat, the axle produces great internal stress. The internal stress can be eliminated by conditioning treatment instead of aging treatment. At the same time, the required toughness can be obtained.

All the surfaces except the important ones have reached the design size after semi-processing. There is only finishing allowance on the important surfaces. At this time, local quenching treatment is arranged on the teeth to meet the hardness requirements of the design and ensure the wear resistance of these surfaces. The subsequent finishing process can eliminate quenching deformation.

 SF heavy machinery  company products :gears,shafts,pulleys,rollers,sprockets,couplings,wheels,housings ,frames, molds, High precision Forging Spur Gear Shaft,wear resistant parts and structural components,pinions.etc.


    1).Chemical  Compositions Test

    2).Mechanical  Properties Test{Yield  Strength,Tensile Strength,Reduction of Area Elongation, Hardness ,Impact  Value.}

    3).(  PT, RT,UT, MT,)Non Destructive Test

    4).Dimension  Checking

    5)according  to request.

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