Main Shaft Wind Turbine

Main Shaft Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Main Shaft Material:35CrMo、42CrMo,C45#,carbon steel,alloy steel or according to request

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Sophia Wind Turbine Main Shaft includes two shaft heads and one steel tube. The front ends of the two shaft heads are respectively reduced in diameter to form a circular boss. The front ends of the two shaft heads are respectively inserted into the steel pipe from both sides of the steel pipe, and the end faces of the steel pipe are respectively The two shaft heads are welded and fixed, and the hollow shaft replaces the solid shaft, which can reduce the weight of the unit, improve the life of the fan and reduce the manufacturing cost of the fan. In addition, after the solid shaft is changed to the hollow shaft, the elimination of the lubricating oil station not only reduces the purchase cost of the user unit, but also reduces a fault point,reduces the maintenance cost,and reduces the unit footprint. Because the utility model not only improves economic benefits.


Fan shaft wear factor

1.tolerance in machining

2.Assembly reasons depend on assembly process and technical means

3.The reason for the bearing is that the temperature of the bearing is too high during the using,at the same time, it can bear the axial force and the radial force, resulting in the direct metal fatigue of the shaft and the bearing, and the clearance occurs. Once the gap occurs,the grinding roller and the bearing are scrapped.


Material:35CrMo、42CrMo,C45#,carbon steel,alloy steel or according to request.

Processing equipment:CNC machining center,CNC lathe,grinding machine,automatic lathe machine,conventioal lathe machine,drilling machine,milling machine,,wire-cutting machine,CNC bending machine etc.

Case hardening:quenching,polishing,coating,galvanized, electroplating,spraying, painting and so on.

Process:Forging→Rough turning→flaw detection→finishing turning→heat treatment→Grinding→Drilling→milling→Anti-rust oil coating→package&shipment.

Test equipment:digital height gauge,caliper,coordinate measuring machine,roughness tester,hardness tester.etc.


Inspection including Mechanical Properties Test (Tensile Strength,Yield Strength, Hardness,Elongation, Reduction of Area, Impact Value),Non Destructive Test (UT, MT, PT, RT),Chemical Compositions Test,

&Dimensional Checking.



Package: standard export package

Delivery time:30-90days


Please inform us if has any requirement,thanks!

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