Precision Helical Gear Shaft

Precision Helical Gear Shaft

Precision Helical Gear Shaft with highprecision & rigidity,long serice life,custom and OEM are accepted

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Product Details

Sophia has been engaged in manufacturing of Precision Helical Gear Shaft over 25years.

Sophia Precision Helical Gear Shaft product type processing &production of various gears (external gear, sprocket,spur gear,helical gear,spiral bevel gear,arc gear,internal ring gear,internal gear,timing pulley,gear shaft,gear box,transmission gears,sets,etc.They are widely used in various models such as agricultural machinery,mining machines,automobiles,motorcycles,etc.or lathe tools, conveyor belts,raw material conveying,drive shafts,etc.


①Material including Alloy steel,Carbon steel or according to request.

②The maximum of Shaft Diameter is reach to 2200mm

③the longest of Gear Shaft Length is 5000mm

④Custom&OEM are all Accept,we need drawgings and exactly request.

⑤The maximum of Surface Roughness is Ra0.4

⑥Certification: ISO9001

⑦Heat Treatment:Annealing,Normalizing,Quenching&Tempering,Surface  hardening


SF Equipment

We have 1.6m CNC Lathe,5m CNC Lathe,5m,6m,8m,10m Horizontal Lathe,CNC Machining Center. 6m CNC Boring&Milling Gantry Machine,8mCNCBoring&Milling Gantry Machine.Grinding Machine,Drilling Machine.


We manufacture according to engineer drawings and exactly request.

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