Steel Gear Shafts

Steel Gear Shafts

Steel Gear Shafts High precison ,rigidity,quality Mining Machinery Gear Shaft

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Product Details

Sophia is specialize in manufacturing of large Steel Gear Shafts according to engineer drawings over 25years.the maximum of Gear Shaft Length is 5000mm, Gear Module is between 8 to 110.long gear shaft The whole heat treatment 45Y,Teeth surface heat treatment45-48HRC,Surface Roughness  Max.Ra0.4.Shaft Diameter Max.2200mm,all specification according to request.LuoYang Sophia Heavy Machinery Co.,LTD offered products are well-known among clients for their optimum quality.Package:plywood or according to request.



Heat treatment process

Drilling and other processes will be arranged After rough turning, most of the machining allowance of the Shafts is removed, then rough processing, most of the machining allowance of the gear shaft is removed after rough turning, drilling and other processes. Quenching and tempering→semi finishing→quenching→finishing→rustproof oil→final packaging and delivery.

Large CNC gantry&milling boring machine, CNC Vertical lathe, horizontal lathe. drlling machine.grinding machine. it is greatly guarantee  the delivery time.


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