Steel Transmission Input Shaft

Steel Transmission Input Shaft

Steel Transmission Input Shaft
Structure Forged, Casting,Welding
Gear Module 8-110
Machining Tolerance Max.0.01mm
Gear Shaft Length Max.5000mm
Shaft Diameter Max.2200mm
Surface Roughness Max.Ra0.4
Custom&OEM Accept

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The reasons for selecting copper for worm gear shaft materials:Firstly, the meshing transmission generally needs to be soft and hard, where the soft and hard is relatively speaking, worm gear and worm transmission belongs to a kind of gear transmission;Secondly, the worm must bear a large axial force, the need for hard materials, and the worm wheel using copper, copper is soft, wear resistance is good, the worm is generally used as an active part.the longest lenghth of Shaft machining is 10mthe max Machining Tolerance of shaft is reach to 0.01mm.Surface Roughness Max.Ra0.4.the Material of Transmission Shaft are S45Cor according to Clients' requests.      


Equipment Situation

1.lathe: 1.6m CNC Lathe,5m CNC Lathe,

2.horizonat lathe:5m,6m,8m,10m Horizontal Lathe,

3.CNC Boring&Milling Gantry machione:6m Boring&Milling Gantry Machine,8mCNCBoring&Milling Gantry Machine.

4.Grinding Machine,Drilling Machine,CNC Machining Center. 


1.Chemical Compositions Test

2.Mechanical Properties Test (Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, Reduction of Area, Impact Value, Hardness)

3.Non Destructive Test (UT, MT, PT, RT)

4.Dimensional Checking



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