Scraper Sprocket

Scraper Sprocket

characteristics of scraper conveyor are compact structure, simple structure, stable transmission, convenient installation&maintenance, reliable operation and flexible process arrangement.

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A scraper conveyor is a transport device that transports bulk material by means of a moving scraper chain. it can be transported horizontally and obliquely; it can be used as a single machine or multiple units. The sprocket is one of the mainly components of the scraper conveyor, and its characteristics have a direct impact on the service life of the scraper conveyor. The sprocket drive for sprocket wear analysis is a common traction sprocket, which has a relatively large sliding motion at the meshing position, and the working condition is bad, which will cause more serious wear.


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We are engaged in manufacturing conveyor sprocket over 25years old. Our main products include nonstandard large size Shafts,Couplings,Gears,Sprockets,Rollers,Pulleys,Wheels,Housings,Steel sleeve,Frames,Molds,bearings,Wear resistant parts & Structural components,Pinions& welding spare shaft and related product.


The product has the characteristics of compact structure, simple structure, stable transmission, convenient installation&maintenance, reliable operation and flexible process arrangement.

Main parameters


Double row/triple row/multiple row


Carbon steel,Alloy steel

Heat treatment

High Frenquency Quenching



Surface treatment

Black oxide/galvanization




The causes of severe wear of the sprocket chain are as follows

(1) Abrasive wear

(2) Contact fatigue wear

(3)The greater the adhesive wear load, the higher surface temperature & the more serious the sticking phenomenon.

Improvement measures

Scraper Sprocket couldn’t meet the requirements of production practice lake of  short service life of the sprocket.

Improvement measures are proposed According to the use condition,the manufacturing technology and the processing status and of the sprocket:

The original scraper conveyor design overall Q&T hardness is HB220~250,tooth quenching HRC48~52,material is 40Cr.This method couldn't improve the wear resistance of the scraper conveyor,because lack of hardness of the Tough quenching.

20CrMnTi  The hardness of the chain socket can reach above HRC60 after carburizing and quenching treatment. wear resistance is 2.5 times that of 40Cr material.

(2) The shape of the original scraper conveyor  is directly formed by forging, large dimensional error ,reduce the wear resistance ,  rough surface. With the wide application of CNC machine tools , it is recommended that leave a little margin after forging, and finish milling by digital milling to improve surface roughness  and the dimensional accuracy to improve the wear resistance.



Sophia scraper conveyor is mainly used for transportation of medium and low-thick coal seam economic mining face.

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