Hydraulic Hose Chain

Hydraulic Hose Chain

hydraulic hose chain with Selecting reinforced nylon material,Durable: In good condition, it can run 5 million times of repeated exercise.

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Product Details

Product details

chain guide cable

Material: Select reinforced nylon, compared with ordinary nylon material, more tough, more wear-resistant, even at high and low temperatures can also be stable operation.


Convenience: Closed and semi-closed specifications can be applied to a variety of working conditions, installation is more convenient.


Durable: In good condition, it can run 5 million times of repeated exercise.

Product advantages

1.Higher tensile strength and impact strength, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance

2.Fine and smooth appearance, good wear resistance, length can be adjusted freely

3.High temperature resistance up to 300 degrees, increase the flame retardant chain thick interface solid, strictly prevent disjointing, weighing ability is strong.Usually used in cable, oil pipe, gas pipe, water pipe, air pipe of machine tool machinery, etc., to play the role of traction and protection.


plastic chain guide cable


(1) Each section of the tow chain can be opened for easy installation and maintenance. It has low noise, wear resistance and can move at high speed.

(2) Suitable for use in reciprocating motion occasions can not play the role of traction and protection on the built-in cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, air ducts.

(3) Tow chains are widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, doors and windows machinery, stone machinery, injection moulding machine, manipulator, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouse and so on.

Package: CTN

Support customization.

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